Opt RhymeOpt Rhyme is still plugging away on “The Joe Carter LP” and it will definitely be worth the wait.  In the meantime he has been posting some of the finished tracks on his Soundcloud page.  Peep the newest upload “Prohibition – ft. imperfekt”  produced by GoodWill.  And make sure to sift through the rest of his musical goodies.  He is a great Emcee and we are very proud to have him on the roster at Mic Hand Recordings.  Stay tuned for more new music and links for the full album coming this spring.  Listen below!


Grow Your Flow is an Entertainment Website that “Provides an outlet for the independent music community, focusing on Rap/Hip Hop. Providing exclusive interviews, music video releases, & mixtapes/albums.”
Here’s a quote and the link to the full interview:

“Something that I find really cool on “Beats & Raps” is that you decided to add a little background information for each track. I feel with so much music being released digitally these days, it’s sort of a rarity. What made you decide to do that?

That kind of spawned from being an overly honest person, some people cringe at my honesty (ha), but I put out this album and I’m promoting it and I want people to get it and I don’t want them to assume its brand new and since some of the songs are so old I just want to put the background story on them. I like the thought of paying homage or giving the credits to the albums when I can remember and I’m not in that mad scientist mode. I like giving credits to the records I might have sampled drums from or whatever. I include the different types of equipment that I use, I always think that’s cool. I’m kind of a music nerd, and I enjoy reading, and the people I’m a fan of, I like to know their equipment that they use and their process in the studio. It’s just something that doesn’t come with music anymore. You used to be able to open a CD and have the whole experience; you know the new CD smell, looking at the book, the cover art, all that stuff. It’s something I’ve gotten some personal messages about thanking me for doing this. I’ve printed it out and put it on my website, giving a little more detail about each individual track.”

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22 tracks including 6 instrumentals plus in-depth background stories about every single track.
Follow the link below to listen, read and get the free download:
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iMPERFEKT - Beats & Raps Album ArtI made the decision to make this project after doing a handful of shows around the Midwest in the summer months of 2013. It was the first time I traveled out of state alone to do some shows and I was also introducing the new MPC2000XL based live stage show. I was very well received at every show and I sold a lot of merch, but I had a weird feeling about it. I felt bad because I was performing a bunch of material that people liked enough to buy, but they weren’t actually getting any of the stuff I was performing. I thought about this a lot on my long drives alone from place to place. When I got done with a very busy month of August, I decided to record and finish every song I’d been performing, along with a few brand new songs, and put them all online as a Free Download. Nearing the end of the project while I was waiting for the final master tracks; I decided to write a short description for each song. They will give a little extra insight on collaborations, timeframes, inspirations, studio and production processes and more. To those of you that actually read them, I’d like to apologize in advance. I’m an over-analytical grammar Nazi and these short descriptions are a bit longer than I had planned. Sorry.
-iMPiMPERFEKT - Beats & Raps Tracklist Follow the link below to listen, read and get the free download:
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