Happy New Year Mic Hand Fans!  Thanks for riding with us through 2014, which was our most productive year to date!  We ESPECIALLY APPRECIATE all of you that purchased or downloaded any or all of the 6 releases we dropped in 2014.  If you missed any of them, head over to our Releases page to catch up!
This year, January will be somewhat of a staging month for us as we gear up and prepare for a busy February with lots of shows, some tour dates and a brand new EP from imperfekt & Ryan Nixon called Emoticon.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled!  For now though, peep the newest visuals we have to offer for the New Year!


We at Mic Hand Recordings are very proud to announce the release of another solid project and would like to invite you all to join us in celebrating this and all the 2014 Mic Hand releases at the Break Room in Cedar Rapids TONIGHT! (Tuesday Oct. 28th) and Saturday Nov. 1st at the 9th Annual Neon Dragon Halloween Costume Party at Tailgators in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Featuring live performances by the mighty Mic Hand Crew and guests prosmoke & Haze.  PLUS!…..prizes, giveaways and more!
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MHR-031 - imperfekt - Neon Creativity


Picture a musical joyride in a quick red Ferrari through the downtown bright neon lights of the Las Vegas strip.  At high speeds, taking in and absorbing all of the illuminating color passing through the retina…breathtaking.  As is the title track from Imperfekt’s newest release, Neon Creativity. Harnessing that Vegas energy and emerging with a new sound that is electric, funky, and still soothing is exactly what Imperfekt has done. Forget previous Imp releases, ‘Neon’ is much different.  Lazer beam lyricism, precisely urgent hooks, over hypnotic trance-like infectious beats.  A six song teaser of sorts,  ‘Neon Creativity’ is like that ride at the amusement park that you never want to exit, and just wish it lasted longer.  The production is simply top notch, with beats by imperfekt, King Schmidt and a solid keyboard solo by Matt Sawicki, who also mixed and mastered the whole thing.  And as if the tracks were not already embraced with excellence, the new effort has seemingly flawless featured artists. The songs truly come together and excel because of these artists input. From Indygrounds’ Farout on “So Good”, to local Cedar Rapids gem Rachel Stickley’s vocals on “Silver and Gold”, the sound meshes just right…Mic Hand ringmaster Imperfekt amazes again, and consistently proves he will not lose a step as he continues to set the bar for Iowa hip hop music.

”Im pretty bright for a wise guy/ true indeed, shoot the breeze like a drive-by/ blindside ‘em, my whole presence is florescent/ neon creativity, electric is my essence.” imperfekt – “Neon Creativity”
written by C. Olinger for Mic Hand Recordings



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**Physical copies now available at shows and will be added to our online store, along with Strangers of Necessity’s “Tangerine Avenue” and Opt Rhyme’s “The Joe Carter LP“.

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Boa Constrict Video
Neon Creativity Promo Video

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“Neon Creativity” – A New EP from iMPERFEKT!

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Physical copies of “Neon Creativity” will be available for purchase at the Official Album Release Party on November 1st, 2014, at Tailgators in Cedar Rapids.  Full event description and RSVP here.

Watch for the leak to be released on Oct 21st on imp’s Souncloud.
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Boa Constrict Video
Neon Creativity Promo Video